Dear Nollywood,Please save the Nigerian hair!!!

Bismi Robbika Sunday, May 12, 2013

list of bald nollywood actresses

My dear Nollywood how are you and your household??Hope everyone and everything is in order?I have just been wondering alot about how much you like to shave the hair off your beautiful female ladies..Is that a new fad?? or you are simply very Ignorant?? or you just refused to grow and seek better and advanced ways to do things and at the same time save money(Paying 5million Naira to an Actress to shave her hair when bald caps would only averagely cost say to exaggerate now say.. #20,000) and save "our hair" *Rme*

At this rate you would put the Nigerian hair out of existence,and then you blame our ladies for their Brazilian,Cambodian, Peruvian,Indian, Turkish,Saudi Arabian,and even Armenian and pakistani hair dependence(#Sarcastic)

Dear Nollywood do you know that the people below are not actually bald but have been well costumed for a bald shoot??

Please my dear Nollywood take a cue from these "People" when the world moves forward we ought to do same not going back to pre cavemen days. Besides I believe the story line that you are recently playing with has been so over flogged some people might even recite your script in their sleep and even in a drunken state.

So dear Nollywood please desist from this head shaving story-line and embrace operation "Save the Nigerian Hair" Thank you as you put this into consideration.

Yours truly,

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