Oge Okoye set to produce first Movie..

Bismi Robbika Monday, June 3, 2013

Oge Okoye has been in the news lately am not sure for the positive though as her publicist in a massive blunder recently revealed sensitive confidential medical information about her client.
Wrong move i think..

Anyway Oge is now in the news  for some positives the Nollywood star is set to produce her first movie yep! you heard right. Oge has been in the Industry for more than a decade I would say it was hightime!

According to reports by thenetng the actress is excited to be debuting her own production soon

"The script is ready and we have almost concluded on the cast, but we are looking to include one or two Hollywood acts to the cast. I can assure movie lovers that this will be a movie that will set trends in Nollywood"

Bloody hell time Oge! lets leave all the Blackberrybabes,Facebook babes Lady gaga roles behind eh..

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