Remembering Dana Air crash Victims and that Black Sunday..

Bismi Robbika Monday, June 3, 2013
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So its been a year!! a whole year that Nigeria suffered one of the blackest days ever.It was in a Sunday when the BB broadcasts flooded our phones and we were hoping checking all the news channels calling all our loved ones to be sure they were okay..

Families  friends,chauffeurs were awaiting at the Lagos airport to pick up their daughter,son,wife,dad,mum,niece,cousin,boss,uncle,and so not knowing that they had heard the last of their loved ones..

They cried,wailed but then reality dawned,they were gone!!!.

I had two of my Bowen Uni Alumni working with Dana and I was happy to see them put up FB messages that they were fine as they were luckily off duty that day, But two other Bowenites were on that plane.they died I never knew them that well but does it matter.. They lost their Lives in their prime How sad, very saddening indeed.

That Tragedy shook to the roots,whole families wiped out,some a whole generation,some their only children ,some their both parents,some their breadwinner how saddening it was  But Only GOD's strength for the families to rely on. 

Obiola Ikpoki

Obiola Ikpoki

As today marks a year gone by, we remember Obiola Ikpoki and all the people who went home to rest on that fateful Sunday may you continue to rest in peace amen!

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