2013 Teen Fashion Trends Inspiration

2013 Teen Fashion Trends
2013 Teen Fashion Trends Inspiration

2013 Teen Fashion Trends Inspiration
Beautiful Teen Fashion Trends

Teen Fashion Trends
Teen Fashion Trends Inspiration

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Teen Fashion Trends 2013

Fashion Trends 2011

Fashion Trends 2011

We all are living under one roof with diversity running all through, but a good thing about it is the diverse fashion collection and range which creates plenty of choices. Nowadays fashion is not just for the gorgeous ladies out there, even men have tightened their belts and they also completely vouch to fit in. As we notice there is a growing demand of fashion accessories the fabrication industries need to work on their fashion lines regularly. With time style changes like for example the loose and rusty retro are actually changing to skimpy and sleek. Hence, the fashion designers have to work beforehand one could simply not create a stuff and sit for next several years. For more detail visit here

Fall Fashion Trends 2011

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Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013/2011 Trends

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013/2011 Trends

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2011 Fall Winter Fashion Trends

2011 Fall Winter Fashion Trends

For fall or winter seasons, colours those we put on could being as lively as possibles. Fall fashion trends, Sometimes though gray appears to being next good factor on colours as 2011, on fall or winter we needs to cheer top with few hot color. Fall fashion trends, Get red, orange and yellow or combine those with gray or brown. sweaters those we put on could being on most colorful combination: concept to get little of colour on you. boots those we put on shouldn’t being dull. Yellow and green good as latest trend trends. accessories could being colorfuls as well, or we could being of huge sizes. Though we need to purchase bag, select additional huge length or strange color. For detail visit here

Fall Winter Fashion Trends

Best Fall Winter Fashion Trends

2011 Fashion Trends

Shocking Behaviour; Justin Bieber spits on eagerly waiting fans..

Spitting: Justin Bieber was pictured hurling saliva over a sea of waiting fans from his hotel balcony in Toronto on Thursday

No doubt Justin Bieber is a mega Star but he shocked  fans who had come around to catch a glimpse of him at his hotel in Toronto Canada just before a concert.

What they got was however Saliva splattered over them by the Pop Star who then went ahead to laugh at his act with pals..

Disgusting: The singer was seen leaning right over so he could take aim at his legions of loyal fans

Kid at heart: The star proved that he's still just a teenager as her amused his friends

Loving it: The boys couldn't' seem to control themselves as they fell around laughing

More antics: The singer grins as he points down at the unfortunate fans he sprayed

At their expense: The star clearly wasn't worried about his dedicated followers, preferring to humiliate them

Not impressed: The young girls who has turned out to catch a glimpse of him didn't seem happy


Rapper Olamide Makes his Nollywood Debut In Yoruba movie "Osunfunke" Watch Trailer

I really Cannot wait for this movie,From the absolutely star studded line up of Drummer Ara,Veteran Baba Wande,Muyiwa Adegoke,Yemi Shodimu,Ricardo Agbor(whom i sincerely think is very underrated)Peju Ogunmola,Doris Simeon,Rapper Olamide also known as Baddo Lee and of cos DJ Tee  whom I think has created a picture quality that is Ace! am sure you wondering ermmmm.. Shallie its just the Trailer lol.. 

Watch it and see for yourself...
Peep on it!

Nigerian Artist 9ice Hits a Rough Patch??

At  a certain time in Nigerian Music Industry Nice was on the top spot! He was the "IT" his album was everywhere with Monster hits like "Gongo Aso","Photocopy" and lots more he even represented the country at Mandela's Birthday and then he married,got seperated,released a double Album and it just all went downhill.

We just dint hear anything about 9ice for a while.However a new report by E247 Magazine suggests that things may have really gone worse for the one time most popular Act in Nigeria.

See report Below..

"Things are not rosy for 9ice, the GbamuGbamu crooner at the moment. Apart from the fact that his recently released singles have failed to make any appreciable impact in the market, we also gathered that the indigenous singer is highly indebted to various persons in the music industry.

E24-7 MAGAZINE learnt that the GongoAso crooner presently owes popular sound engineer, Foster Zeeno, a huge sum of money and the latter is hell bent on recovering his money from the singer.

Apart from that, the lanky lyricist also has a deluge of failed businesses hanging round his neck which are giving him sleepless nights.

We can only hope that Gongo will so for the second time so that Alapomeji will find an escape route out of his current travails."