Shocking Behaviour; Justin Bieber spits on eagerly waiting fans..

Bismi Robbika Saturday, July 27, 2013
Spitting: Justin Bieber was pictured hurling saliva over a sea of waiting fans from his hotel balcony in Toronto on Thursday

No doubt Justin Bieber is a mega Star but he shocked  fans who had come around to catch a glimpse of him at his hotel in Toronto Canada just before a concert.

What they got was however Saliva splattered over them by the Pop Star who then went ahead to laugh at his act with pals..

Disgusting: The singer was seen leaning right over so he could take aim at his legions of loyal fans

Kid at heart: The star proved that he's still just a teenager as her amused his friends

Loving it: The boys couldn't' seem to control themselves as they fell around laughing

More antics: The singer grins as he points down at the unfortunate fans he sprayed

At their expense: The star clearly wasn't worried about his dedicated followers, preferring to humiliate them

Not impressed: The young girls who has turned out to catch a glimpse of him didn't seem happy

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