Big Brother UK Update: Jackie Travers becomes 4th evictee..

Bismi Robbika Friday, July 19, 2013
Photo: It's a Travers-ty!  Read all about Jackie's time in the House here:

Jackie Travers has become the 4th Evictee from the Big brother UK house.

Jackie who went into the House with her Daughter was up with a couple of strong characters and sadly the 59 year old Dancer/dance Teacher got the boot leaving her daughter to the mercy of the love triangle she is in as two other housemates are pining for her..

So long, farewell: Jackie left giving a dramatic wave to the crowd at the live eviction dressed in a short floral print dress, chunky pearl necklace and tan stilettos

Happy to be out: Jackie had a beaming smile as presenter Emma Willis met her to conduct her interview

Quizzing: Emma asked Jackie questions such as who she thought nominated her and what her opinion was of Callum and Dexter - who both fancy her daughte

Somber: Charlie was upset when her mum left the house on Friday night
Daughter Charlie is left all alone in the house now..

Big Brother UK 2013 continues with its secrets and Lies Theme .

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