Brymo is leaving Chocolate City NOT!

Bismi Robbika Monday, May 27, 2013
Brymo still with Choc city

There have been reports circulating around social media about  Byrmo quiting his home label Chocolate City barely months after they lost a top member Jesse Jagz.

HiphopWorldMagazine specifically went to town with it as breaking news that Brymo had left the Label....Well his bosses have come out to refute such happening as at the Minute Byrmo is still a Choc Boy!

See statement below..

"We can confirm that Brymo still has a valid contract with Choc City and we are certain our Artiste “Brymo” can confirm the same fact. We urge all reputable media houses to check facts with our establishment prior to releasing “Untrue” stories to the general public that rely on them for valuable Information”.
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