Video: Terror Unleashed at Woolwich South East London; Two Men Hack British Soldier to death in broad daylight!!

Bismi Robbika Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Scene: One man died at the scene here in John Wilson Street, south London this afternoon while two were seriously injured

Two men were rushed to hospital this afternoon while another man died after apparently being hacked to death in Woolwich

Weapons: Forensic experts bag up evidence at the scene which is believed to include a number of weapons

Investigation: An air ambulance can be seen at the scene which is cordoned off after a soldier was hacked to death this afternoon

Shocking: This exclusive still from a video obtained by ITV News shows a man with bloodied hands and carrying knives speaking to a camera in Woolwich, south-east London
One of the Suspects with machetes and blood on his hands

Its been  a terrible terrible Afternoon Indeed where a certain Man was virtually Hacked and cut to death by some 2 men. His Offence I still dont know.

He was said to be a soldier and was hacked by meat cleavers and knives in broad daylight!

Reports indicate it may be a terrorist Attack as they waited for the police on the scene chanted some moralist tunes and chants like " Allahu Akbar" They were shot on the spot but are presently in Hospital.

David Cameron has cut short his trip and announced an emergency meeting for tomorrow 

Its just very saddening I mean  I know that street/Road to think that such can happen there.. or even be conceived by a human being is unbelievable..

Sad Day Indeed please read more on DailymailUK and Metro UK

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