Woolwich Terrorist horror Update:Watch Video; Suspect attributes actions to the Quran..

Bismi Robbika Thursday, May 23, 2013
This suspect in the killing of a soldier in Woolwich has been identified as Michael Adebolajo

One of the killers is calmed down by a woman in the street

Man at scene of Woolwich incident
Woolwich attack: Police raid Lincolnshire address as suspect is named

Women lay flowers near the scene of the killing of a British soldier in Woolwich, southeast London

A police officer carries a knife in an evidence bag from the scene of the brutal attack

Forensics teams were pictured this morning scouring the area around the scene of the killing

One person left a Help for Heroes t-shirt in recognition of the top the soldier was wearing at the time of his death

Strangers today continue to lay floral tributes at the scene of the killing and outside the barracks

One of the Suspects has been named Michael Mujahid( a Muslim name he adopted after conversion) Adebolajo a british with African descent and has had his father's house in Linconshire searched and raided as it is reported he used to live there investigations are still going on and facts are emerging.

Adebolajo is said to have converted to radical Islamism in 2003,and is said to have become more radicalized through Online networks.

The Victim is confirmed to have been a British serving Soldier returning from duty in central London to the  Barracks a few yards from where he was run down by a car Hacked into by cleavers and Knives and  then dragged to the middle of the road

Please kindly keep  up with these sites as new information emerges..

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