Photos and Video; Magician Dynamo levitates off the top of a London Bus..

Bismi Robbika Monday, June 24, 2013
Astonishing: Dynamo stretches his left arm and his feet dangle in mid-air as the bus moves ahead

Perspective: A police escort ensured traffic was cleared around the vehicle for the amazing stunt

Popular Magician Dynamo is ictured Levitating off the top of a London Bus in Central London . Dynamo is an entertainer to the stars and well renowned for mind Boggling magic including walking across the River Thames..

Have a Peep!

Thrilling: Smiling fans on the upper deck have a prime view of the stunt, which beggars belief



Defying gravity: Dynamo looks relaxed as he floats beside a 15ft bus. He levitated as the bus crossed London's Wetminster Bridge



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