About Iyanya's 60 Million Naira Endorsement deal with Telecommunications Giant MTN..

Bismi Robbika Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Iyanya MTN - June 2013 - BellaNaija

One of the Biggest Nigerian Stars on the Planet at the Minute Playing cities,countries all around he World Iyanya Mbuk has reportedly just singed an endorsement deal with Communications Giant MTN.

Said to be worth about N60 Million the Star is definitely smiling to the Bank. 

 But Iyanya's Journey did not just end up here from holing up in studios doing back up vocals for other artists,trying to put his voice on other people's music.Then came Reality show Mtn Project FameWestAfrica solely Sponsored By MTN and Iyanya shone like a Diamond,with his sonorous renditions and charismatic dance moves he won the fans over and Iyanya emerged Victorious..

Then he startd churning out Music, the type of music he really wanted to do,there was succes but ermmm not much as at now am not even sure there was a full album but I know of the major singles "Love Truly"(which I absolutely love) and "My Story"

Things began to pick up and then Disaster struck and Iyanya lost almost all the members of his family not sure if it was an accident or so..But that dint kill Iyanya's spirit he redefined and came back fighting and then Kukere came up on our speakers,radio,Ipods,TV's,blogs lots of people criticized him for changing his style of music but a young man needed to survive and do whats "in Vogue" as they say and today the rest is history Iyanya had Arrived!! But the Journey cannot be ignored.

I remember watching and rooting for him on PF ,the fact is Iyanya is not in any way rachet dude can actually sing and give the best vocalists in the World a run for their money the Lesson  here is that we all see success but we dont know the journey,the blood sweat and years of toiling.I say Congratulations to Iyanya go on enjoy your success you more than deserve it! I hope in future you can still find time to do an Rnb /soul album.

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