Ashionye Michelle Raccah back on the scene; Looking Nice..

Bismi Robbika Saturday, June 22, 2013
Ashionye Raccah back on the entertainment scene

Ashionye Michelle Raccah

Ashionye Michelle Raccah

Nigerian Actress and singer Ashionye has been off the scene for a bit after taking time off to have her baby. She recently made her come back with the movie Journey to self as well as more media appearances.

She was photographed recently on the set of entertainment show JARA..  must say she is definitely glowing! Good to see her back on the Scene..

Ashionye has shown acting depth on shows Like Tinsel,Doctors quarters Movies like Jungle ride and the most recent Journey to self as well as some stage plays

On the Music side she started with girl group EMETE and went on to enjoy solo success with hits tracks like Party tonight,a piece of me,rock me amongst others..

Enjoy Some of her music from back in the day.. Have a peep!




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