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Nigerian rapper Mc Loph died in a ghastly Accident in 2011 on his way to the Village for his traditional wedding which did not hold.

he was in the Vehicle with his sister and intended bride who was the only survivor.However there are now allegations of ritual killing being labeled against his then label boss.

According to a report by MyEmag the label boss used the rapper's death for ritual purposes see report below..

"It appears the CEO of Morgan Entertainment is not telling us all the truth he knows about the death Igbo rapper, Obiajulu Nwozo, famously addressed as MC Loph and his only sister, Chinwe.

Recall that in one of our previous posts, we served you a story of how former Morgan Entertainment MD, Obi Madubogwu,  accused the label CEO, Emeka Morgan Nwanne Oguejiofor of allegedly using the late MC Loph and only sister for rituals.

Further investigations has proven that there are other people joining voices with Madubogwu to label Morgan a ritualist and being responsible for the death of the rapper. They are no other persons than the late rapper’s mom and his fiancée, Ngozi, who was the only survivor of the accident that claimed both the life of the rapper and his only sister.

In an exclusive chat with our correspondent who reached out to MC Loph’s mom via a phone conversation, the aged woman, we also learnt suffers Hypertension, lamented almost endlessly of how Emeka Morgan abandoned her and the late rapper’s son, after making a pledge of placing her on a meager salary of 30 thousand naira monthly.

According Mrs. Obiozor, “Emeka Morgan killed my only son and daughter, left me childless and handicapped. Since Obiajulu died, the only time I set my eyes on the so-called Morgan was in May 2012, when he came with Obi Madubogu, gave me a bag of rice, a gallon of groundnut oil and 60 thousand naira and asked me never to allow Nkiru (MC Loph’s wife) to have a share of the money. But I couldn’t, I gave the money over to Nkiru after he left and it was used to fix the Camry with which she does most of her run arounds in Lagos. Since then he had neither called nor checked on me again’.

Contrary to the rumour which went agog in a section of the media a few months ago that Emeka Oguejiofor the owner of Morgan Entertainment adopted late MC Loph’s son, Mrs. Obiozor stated categorically that Morgan is a liar and will not go unpunished. According to her, “Is it possible to adopt a child you have not set your eyes on since he was born? Probably he adopted Obiajulu Jnr. In his dreams or imagination.

 I heard the rumour too, but all I can say is that God will judge him both in life and in death; he will never know any peace in his lifetime, for shedding the blood of my children whom I know did not wrong him in any way.

Meanwhile further checks revealed that late MC Loph’s family, which consists of his uncles and other extended family, avoids

Emeka Morgan with every sense of consciousness. An insider insisted that the family have not stopped accusing him of being responsible for the death of the rapper and his only sister. According to him, ‘Emeka Morgan is not clean and we the entire MC Loph’s family strongly believes he is responsible for the death of our children.

 For instance, shortly after the accident and doctor’s confirmation that Obiajulu’s wife was pregnant, we decided that she should stay behind in Lagos and not travel with the family to the village for her husband’s burial, but Morgan insisted that she must travel by air to Awka, which the entire family frowned at and resulted into a face off with him until he eventually succumbed pressure.

 The question is why must he insist on Nkiru’s presence at her Obiajulu’s burial, if he had no ulterior motive? In one occasion when he, Morgan visited MC Loph’s mom last year, he was bent on knowing where Nkiru was seated when the accident happened and how come she managed to survive an accident that claimed the lives of every other occupants of the car? Does it not tell you that this man probably wanted everybody in that vehicle dead and buried, but for God’s intervention? In reference to recent events that happened following the death of Obiajulu, we now know that his death his not natural, we may not have a voice, or the money to fight Emeka Morgan, but one thing is certain, God will continue to judge him’ our source concluded.

With the current situation of things, obviously, Emeka Nwanne Oguejiofor (MORGAN), might have some questions to answer, but the big question is who will ask the question? When and how?"


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