"Iyanya was in Love with Yvonne Nelson he even has her tattooed on his arm" !! Yvonne Nelson's Cousin speaks up!

Bismi Robbika Sunday, June 30, 2013
Iyanya Tattooed Yvonne Nelson's name on his arm
Supposed picture of Iyanya's arm with Yvonne Nelson Tattoo 

Iyanya Tattoos Yvonne Nelson's name on his arm

A certain Jason has been ranting since yesterday on social networking site Twitter after Iyanya's Freestyle video where her dissed ex Yvonne Nelson and said he never loved her and she was the one who brought emotions when he only wanted her waist and rode her like a janglova- 

Jason has come forward that the pictures above are of Yvonne Nelson's name tattooed on Iyanya's arm..

"Why's Iyanya saying No emotions, No tears, but he has Yvonne Nelson's name ink'd on his skin? SILLY!!

Hate when ppl try take the piss out of my family "No tolerance for bull Shit" This
TimWestWood, Iyanya shit has got me MAD!

My cousin is a sweet loving girl, still don't understand how she was in love with a public dog ""Disrespectful Crap""
YN can only mean Yvonne Nelson. A tattoo for a gal u only wanted her waist? Iyanya is the emotional one.
Be gentle with words. Don't say something you can never take back because sometimes a scar lasts longer than a single sorry"

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