Kate Upton Dazzles for Vogue Brazil...

Bismi Robbika Friday, June 28, 2013
Celebration of curves: Kate gazes seductively from the cover of the July issue of Vogue Brazil

Simmer for the camera: Blonde bombshell Kate Upton captured dark glamour in her shoot for Vogue Brazil

 Actress and Supermodel Kate Upton graces the Cover of Vogue Brazil accompanied with photos from the very Glamorous shoot.. See more photos below..

 Have a peep!

Hand on hip: Kate's razor sharp cheekbones are on full display in a stunning side view shot

Inspirational view: The statuesque blonde looks down over the city skyline in an artistic black and white shot

Tastefully covered: The 21-year-old's famous cleavage is shielded by the angular cut of her dress

Absolutely love these shots! 

Vogue Brazil
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