Big Brother Africa Housemate Pokello's Dad Reacts to daughter's to sex tape Scandal..

Bismi Robbika Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It obviously no Longer a secret that the current Zimbabwean representative for the current Big Brother Africa "The Chase" has or had a sex tape with an ex who decided it was the right time to latch unto it and leaked it for the world to see.

After the footage and Images were leaked online she received alot of backlash with people even calling  for her removal well seems the dust has settled a bit then her dad goes ahead and reacts..ermmm..

" The video footage was not mean’t for public consumption and the person who leaked it should be guilty of character assassination. My daughter has a strong personality and would not be weakened by that. She is a successful business woman… I am so happy that my daughter has been nominated to represent Zimbabwe in (BBA). As her father I fully support her in her quest to realise her dream on the show,”    “I want Pokello to win that USD300 000 prize. I vote for her everyday and appeal to fellow Zimbabweans from all walks of life to rally behind her".

Errrrmmm sir you say??

Anyways found these Lovely photos of her babe puts dresses well plus some gorgeous gorgeous shoes..

Gorgeous Feet Gorgeous shoes..

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