RIP Drummer Lee Rigby; Victim of Woolwich Terrorist Attack...

Bismi Robbika Thursday, May 23, 2013
Photo: Our thoughts are with Drummer Lee Rigby's friends and family. May he rest in peace!   Please share and show your respect.

Lee Rigby

Career: Drummer Rigby, 25, known as 'Riggers', was known as a brave soldier

Happy day: Lee Rigby on his wedding day in Halifax, West Yorkshire, in 2007

Two boys lay flowers outside Woolwich Barracks

Two boys lay flowers outside Woolwich Barracks

The  victim of the Woolwich attack yesterday has been named  as Drummer Lee Rigby..
He was described as a fine soldier,a friendly,considerate and kind person who was like a big brother to everyone around him.

He loved life,was cheeky, humorous and always Smiling . He Sadly leaves behind a wife and a two year old Son. He was 25 years old..

Rest In peace  Drummer Lee Rigby


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