Big Brother UK 2013#Secrets and Lies is here!!! Meet Your Housemates..

Bismi Robbika Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Big Brother House

Whew  Celeb BB was only a few Months ago and the Summer BB is here already!! Tagged #Secrets and Lies ,with a mix of housemates ranging from Britain's most spoilt Girl GINA RIO,a Lesbian Fisher-woman,Glamour-models,a boxer,a set of Twins,a Mum and Daughter,a Gay Policeman,a 41 year old Cougar who runs a gold digging site ermmm Jemima whats your website darling?? lol..,a 28 yearold Sugar Daddy who spent over £100,000 on a nite out yes you saw right he spent approximately £121,000 on a night out...ermmmm Dexter where do you hang out darling?? lol..,a Dj/glamourmodel who is also a mum ohhh and a contestant(Micheal) who is actually not a contestant but BB's Mole to dish all the drama and get on their nerves eishh!! Housemates  are to grow their own Veggies,generate their own electricity and power their own water and shower..eekkk..

Ohhhhhh my I cant wait for the bromances,romances,the kicking offing lol..cant wait for all the drama cos this mix promises alot.

Photo: Meet your first three housemates...  Jack and Joe: Sallie: Jemima:  Welcome, guys!

Photo: Toot toot! Here are your next three housemates...  Michael: Callum: Wolfy:  Settle in, guys...

Photo: Oi oi, here's your next trio of housemates...  Sam: Sophie: Dexter:  Make yourselves comfortable, guys...

Photo: It's getting busy in there... Meet your latest trio of new housemates...  Gina: Dan: Hazel:  Squeeze up, the rest of you!

Photo: Make room for another three! Here's your next batch of housemates...  Daley: Jackie: Charlie:  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your full set. Time to sit back and relax.

Dan is so hot! but ermmmm sorry gurls dude is 100% Gay.. so kinda no eye Candy this year...maybe Callum might just develop some "eye candiness" along the line lol..
 BB comes up live streaming from 7pm-9pm on 5* then 1 hour on Channel 5 and 5HD 9-10pm  plus 30 mins Live streaming on Channel 5 from 11-11.30 after the spin off Big brother's bit on the side from 10-11 pm.

For more Info and to read more about the housemates profile or you just want to simply catch up online.. please visit Official Big BrotherUK FB &Channel5 Bigbrother Official

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