Would you embrace these Interesting Fashion choices; Condom Made dresses,Beef jerky bags, Solar powered Bikinis,or Even red Wine Dresses..

Bismi Robbika Saturday, June 15, 2013
Condom dress by New York Student

Condom Dress

So someone somewhere thought of ways to make expired Condoms(take note unused but expired) useful and thought to make a dress or dresses as the case may be.. Errmmmmm ewwwww... I really do not like..Dunno about you..

Condom Dress by NewYork Student

Condon Dress by NewYork Student

Beef jerky purse
Some left over Beef Jerky eh?? How about we make a beef Jerky Purse!!

Zero Footprint Shirt
Too much leafy waste on the Planet ohhh a Leaf Shirt #Rme

Growing jewelry
Ohhh how about you grow your own fruit and veg right on your Ring eh..nuffin wrong huh??

Solar Powered Bikini Andrew Schneider
On the Beach at Ibiza Ipod's Running Low Charge it up with your very own Bikini!

Fermented-wine dress,GARY Cass
Red Wine dress yes save the World from Alcohol Infestation lol..

Most Pieces I believe are works of art and maybe a creatives' Imagination..I say what the Mind can conceive only it can Imagine..

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