Video; Watch Kanye hit his head on a signpost trying to avoid Paparazzi..

Bismi Robbika Friday, May 10, 2013

Ouch! Kanye hit his head on a sign that read 'Caution: Watch For Pedestrians'

Hard hit: Paint from the side of the sign was even seen on Kanye's face, an indication of how hard he hit it

That hurt! Kanye was seen clutching his head in immense pain after the incident

Kim and Kanye were on a stroll/restaurant break/house hunting according to reports,Papz were however on ground to take pictures,in a bid to avoid their sharp Lenses Kanye hits his head on a signpost ouch!!!

Rushing to his rescue: Kim quickly came to Kanye's aid after the knock

Matching pair: Both Kim and Kanye wore black during the outing

Ok btw why is this couple still wearing black from head to toe?? Seriously??!! Ogini Kwa! Kanye pele hope say Koko no comot for your head ohhh hen.. Pele..ohh..
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