Awwwww Duchess Peaches...See Duchess of Cambridge glow in Peach..

Bismi Robbika Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Blooming: Kate arriving at Westminster Abbey today

Duchess of Cambridge

Jenny Packham peach bespoke

Duchess of Cambridge steps out in Jenny Packham

Kate Middleton was photographed as she stepped out with the Royals to celebrate the Queen's 60th  coronation Anniversary today at the Westminster Abbey.

Kate is due next month I mean at 8 months Kate makes pregnancy look like an accessory  I mean how elegant can you get at 8 moths gone! not like our Kimmy who  manages to always get it wrong and wants to eat her placenta when she gives birth to look Young ewwww.... 

Btw Mama Charlie 60 years ehen you don try ohhh you fit help Charlie make him do small before Kate born so?? hen lol..

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