Celeb Tweetfights Monachi Abii Vs Blogger(Koolyarns) Calls Munachi a Bastard who was born out of Wedlock with no father..

Bismi Robbika Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ok ohhh the Gist Long ohhh well a certain Blogger( koolyarns) said he got wind of Info that Munachi Abii former Most beautiful girl in Nigeria Turned rapper is a bastard and that she was born out of wedlock..

So he now jejely carried himself to twitter to go and ask the babe (a sure learner you say? I agree)


i got reliable info that you were born out of wedlock...that true?

i would like to see a photo of your dad...that possible?


muna muna! i know your history...how you came about

ques 1. Why do you still bear your maternal name?

you said you will post a pic of your daddy? pls don't post a pic of a man whose not ur daddy

i am going to expose your dirty history.blood sucking cougar! see who you are dating? a little boycause of the dough he got to offer

be ready for it...i got good info about your mummy...your unknown daddy...and the king(you know who i am talking about) bastard!

i am going to expose your dirty history.blood sucking cougar! see who you are dating? a little boycause of the dough he got to offer

muna muna! i know your history...how you came about

Muna's Tweets

This was deleted later i think..

Lol don't mistake my kindness for weakness oo! I fear no one but God! Ask about me.

So this Blogger still dint think he was out of order and went to his blog(koolyarns) to still write about it here is his reason for doing what he did.

Excerpts Below..

"I know you people will say that i have come again! but you guys should take your time and read this.

I was talking with an elderly igbo man at my place of work and he happened to see muna's picture on my blog...he stopped and asked me if the lady in the picture was Munachi, i said yes..he then asked again, Munachii Abii?..i said yes..then i curiously asked, do you know her sir?..he said he is very close with the family and infact he knows her uncle..Mike abii, he revealed that Mike is a traditional leader in a community called Eziudo in Imo state.

He further stated that Muna was a stubborn girl who parades herself and 'sleeps around'..he said that Muna was a bastard child, note! i am writing exactly what he said, no holds barred...he said muna's mother was crippled and in Iboland not every man would like to marry a cripple.

More after the cut..

 he said along the line, muna's mother got involved with one man and got pregnant. After giving birth to Munachii, the man absconded.

He then asked me that don't i see she is bearing 'Abii', that Abii is not her father's name, that it is her maternal name. i was stunned for sometime, the man made some salient points..i did a research and found out that truly Muna had an Uncle who was called Eze mike abii and he was actually the king of Eziudo in Imo state and Muna's mom is his junior sister

i wanted to ask muna about it on twitter and instead she insulted me...not even me my parents. That's what i get for being a gist monger."

Ermmm sorry mate I dont know what you are on about and  its not actually about you being a Gist Monger its about you asking someone about their Origin on a public platform and calling them a bastard openly and confidently at that are you seriously for real?!!

Just watch your back because I believe Muna will still come after you!
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